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Belchamps 7th July 2017
To thank Rev Phil Warrey for all he has done for the Friday Clubs, there was a leaving celebration at Belchamps on 7th July. We did a bit of orienteering, played games, had hot dogs, sang silly songs round the camp fire and - most importantly - there was CAKE!

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Helping at the Night Shelter
Members helping at the Whittingham Avenue Night Shelter on Saturday 28th February 2015

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The Band at Hockley Methodists
The music at the morning Service on 15th February was provided by our very own band - Phil, Katherine, Billy & John. Definitely added something. But they need a name don't they!

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Rev Phil Warrey's Ordination
Photographs of Phil's Testimony Service and Ordination, June 2014

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Back to Church Sunday 2013
Sunday 29th September - we had an informal service to which friends and family came. The young people performed with puppets, which was enjoyed by young and old alike.

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Friendship Days
Over the summer holidays we held activity days for children and young people aged 3 -11 based on Space Academy". This culminated in "Super Space Saturday" on 31st August and a young people's service led by Rev Phil Warrey on Sunday 1st September. These are some of the things they made and a view of the puppet theatre they presented at the service.

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Pictures from some recent HOCKMIRA walks

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The Thursday Clubs 50th Anniversary
Photos of the meal and concert held in the Church Hall to celebrate the Thursday Club's 50th Anniversary

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Church Building
Photos of the inside and outside of our premises

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